In the middle of the rise of memecoins and Radix in 2021, DOGECUBE was born to celebrate RADIX founder Dan Hughes and its revolutionary DLT protocol Cerberus. 8 billions tokens fixed supply were made, one for each human.

Seeing the influence crypto web3 communities can have to onboard new users, DOGECUBE’s gathered market participants around Radix, bring fun events, create new crypto connections and help each other navigate in this mind blowing ecosystem.

DOGECUBE supply was airdropped for FREE to community members posting memes during one of 25 weekly memebrawls events. They were organized with other INUs communities, incentivizing creative and fun quality content. Such distribution system provided a fair sharing of the supply and mitigate the risk of single entities having complete control of the tokenomics.

Since distribution, DOGECUBE path has been a non stop aggregation of awesome community initiatives. From our node participating in Radix network consensus, to our NFT collection or MANGA story, and passing by the number one AMM swapper used on Radix network. The ultimate tool of DOGECUBE being a one pool DAO INDEX of Radix top ALTs projects.

By having such community at its core DNA, owning some DOGECUBE token means owning the equivalent part in its INDEX, and by staking them, having some vote rights on what to do with the INDEX pool fees and decide which Radix ALT project should get in or leave our INDEX. So don't hesitate to join our RadPack community on this social and experimental journey!

Bigger, better, faster, stronger than any other INU, and with 3 heads! A simple memecoin? Much more, Radix’s cute INU Ambassador. 



Like the Nasdaq-100 NDX covers the top 100 companies listed on the Nasdaq exchange, DOGECUBE index will track the performances of top Radix projects selected by our holders.  

Here you can skim through the initial projects that will be put up for community vote at #babylon to kickstart the INDEX. Those pools made more than a 1 million $ in trading volume over the first 6 months of our community made AMM, wow!

The trading fees will be the funds of the DAO decisions regarding any new project integration in the INDEX. Or regarding marketing campaign, or rewards, or earnings or... whatever you'd like it to be voted for all our DOGECUBE token holders.

Some snapshot of August 2022 Radix rich ecosystem :


DOGECUBE is a proud member of the top 100 nodes in the RADIX network validation process.

You can easily stake your $XRD with us :

By staking with us, you join an early RADIX supporter project, believing in the revolution it can bring to the cryptosphere. You also helps RADIX network security, and gets some rewards :


🐾 05 Aug 2021 : DOGECUBE is born on RADIX DLT 🐶🐶🐶

🐾 Aug 2021 : Creation of our community channel 📱

🐾 Sept 2021 : FREE distribution of token supply starts 🚀

🐾 Jan 2022 : DOGECUBE node is up and running ⛅️

🐾 Feb 2022 : Community made automatic swapper is live 🔁

🐾 Mar 2022 : FREE distribution of token supply ends 🌖

🐾 Apr 2022 : Some great exchanges are listing us, yay 🔥

🐾 Jun 2022 : 33% of our NFT collection is already sold 🃏

🐾 Jul 2022 : Github is live and kicking 😺

🐾 Aug 2022 : Website rework 🌎

Upcoming milestones :

🐾 NFT collection minting

🐾 NFT collection trading

🐾 Index set up




$WOW the DOGECUBE NFT collection

10 000 $WOW NFT exist for the collectors of our community. You can reserve yours by sending 50 $XRD to 

Within minutes you will automatically receive your random $WOW token(s).

20 attributes and their rarity are to be chosen by the community, vote !


A small collection of the thousand memes created by DOGECUBE community during those awesome 25 memebrawls. Which one do you prefer ? Moar in our twitter history.